Wellbeing-related activity at Harcourt Arboretum

At Harcourt Arboretum we are establishing links with a range of researchers, healthcare providers, local community groups and researchers.  

We have drawn on the unique features of the Arboretum and listened to feedback from those involved in pilot projects to produce an extensive wellbeing-related programme of activity for 2023-24. There are four strands: 

Brain Health and Wellbeing 

Promotion of brain health among local mental health in-patients and outpatients and the development of nature-based interventions in partnership with the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University Hospital Trust. 

Green Social Prescribing 

Provision of nature-based interventions for young people, older adults and those with specific needs in partnership with NHS Social Prescribers and Occupational Therapists. These interventions promote reconnection with the natural world to reduce isolation and anxiety. Find out more about the Arboretum as a space for wellbeing in this article by Stephanie Tierney from the Oxford Social Prescribing Network.

Community Wellbeing 

Work with University, Oxford Health and local community groups to foster wellbeing among the local community, NHS staff, University staff, students and Sanctuary Scholars, and refugee support charities including Refugee Resource and Asylum Welcome. 


Establishing the Arboretum’s as a brain health and green wellbeing research hub, enabling a varied range of relevant research projects with our partner organisations.