The Glasshouses


Within our seven display glasshouses we are able to create a range of climatic conditions, cultivating plants from around the world. Visitors to the glasshouses find themselves traveling the globe as they pass from tropical jungle and oozing swamp to desert and alpine environments.

The first greenhouse was built at the botanic garden more than 300 years ago. It was a temperate conservatory, which resembled an orangery or grand stable more than a glasshouse. It is shown on a print of the Botanic Garden of 1675. Its purpose was to house tender and exotic plants such as citrus during the winter.

Unfamiliar and exotic plants grown at the Botanic Garden still amaze visitors today. With 98% of the collection on public display, there are over 150 botanical families and more than 1200 different species grown in the glasshouses. These complement the plant collections grown outside at the Botanic Garden and at Harcourt Arboretum. The glasshouses provide year-round interest and intrigue for visitors.