The Autumn Border

The Autumn Border runs the length of the Garden's boundary with Christ Church Meadow. The planting is designed to be at its peak in September and October, relying on strong colour contrasts of both foliage and flowers. Originally designed by Sandra and Nori Pope, the plantings have evolved over the years to include a wider range of plants. 

Shrubs with colourful foliage, such as Cotinus coggygria ('Grace'), are used as a foil for late-flowering perennials and annuals. Tulips are planted in the autumn each year to provide spring interest. Then, in early June, the same areas are filled with tender perennials such as DahliaCanna and Salvia, and imposing annuals such as Ricinus communis and Tithonia rotundifolia.

Special pruning techniques are employed on shrubs to promote large foliage, and on perennials to produce an extended flowering display.