400 trees

Excitingly, we have met our goal and are now aiming for 600 trees!

How can you help? 

Collect seeds from the following four native UK species and grow them at home. For advice on where to plant your trees see this helpful guide by the Tree Council. 

How to get started

Use our guide to identify, collect, stratify, and sow your trees. 

Please remember 
  • not to collect anything from trees beside busy roads or on old industrial sites
  • that you’ll need land to plant on and permission to do so from the landowner. You’ll need to consider which species is most appropriate for the size and uses of the space, as well as ecological conditions such as the soil type and level of shade. You will also need to ensure that you have the resources to provide aftercare to the trees you plant in the tender early years after planting, otherwise the tree may not thrive.
  • If you have trees which need a home you can contact a number of organisations in your local area: your district council, community groups, farms, schools, nurseries, garden centres, wildlife trusts, conservation organisations in the area. You can also contact anyone who is holding an event in your area during National Tree Week who might like more trees to plant. 

Record your tree

To help us keep track of our progress please record the number of trees you have collected and grown from each species. 

Please email primaryeducation@obg.ox.ac.uk for any queries about the 400 trees project.