The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden was first constructed in 1926, with a more recent overhaul between October 1997 and April 1999 funded by the Martin Wills Trust. The 125 tonnes of sandstone used was brought from a local quarry in Tubney, six mile west of Oxford.

The plants on the east side are European in origin, whilst those on the west side are from the rest of the World.

The inclusion of a Rock Garden on site allows us to cultivate plants that require special conditions that are not available elsewhere in the Garden. In late winter there is a fine display of snowdrops, followed by the flowering of species tulips in the spring. A number of the Euphorbia species, part of The Euphorbia Collection, perform well here, such as the Mediterranean species of E. rigida, E. myrsinites and E. spinosa.

Later in the season other perennials come into their own, including Acanthus dioscoridis, Tropaeolum polyphyllum and Dierama pulcherrimum.