Research projects

Our research is focused on evolutionary and reproductive biology, and conservation linked to biodiversity hotspots around the world.

Plant reproduction and evolution

We are exploring fundamental processes in plant reproduction and evolution using genetics and genomics, in close collaboration with scientists at the University of Oxford’s Plant Sciences Department and further afield. In particular, our research focusses on the evolution of new species in ragworts (Senecio spp.), parasitic plants and carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes spp.).

Biodiversity hotspots

Working with botanists around the world, we are developing ex situ conservation plant collections of species from biodiversity hotspots – areas with high plant species richness. Our research collectively focuses on the Mediterranean Basin, Ethiopian and Japanese floristic regions. 


Evolution of the Oxford Ragwort

Exploring the reproductive and evolutionary biology in Senecio (ragworts) using molecular techniques.


Squamellaria wilsonii (ant plant)

Ant-plant mutualisms

This work explores cooperation among species using ant plants (Myrmecophyte) and ants as a model.

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Rattan diversity

Exploring the evolution of diversity in tropical rattan palms using molecular techniques.


Biodiversity hotspots

Developing tools for quantifying biodiversity in botanical hotspots around the world.

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