Looking Good Now at the Arboretum – The Serpentine Ride

Sun August 6th, 2017

August is the perfect month for a stroll along Harcourt Arboretum’s Serpentine Ride. Bring a picnic and enjoy it among the shade of some of our tallest and most exotic trees.

Marvel at the strange fruits that our trees are producing as we come into late summer, such as Magnolia campbellii ssp. mollicomata, Styrax hemsleyanus (Hemsley Snowball), and Magnolia tripetala in the Magnolia Glade. Along the Serpentine Ride are our rhododendrons, Arbutus unedo (Killarney Strawberry Tree), Cornus mas, and Halesia carolina ‘Rosea’ (Snowdrop Tree), all with interesting fruits and seed pods. This whole area is thrumming with dragonflies.

The summer sun is also catching the many and various textures and colours of their bark. The trees in this part of the Arboretum are from all over the world, and the juxtaposition of one with another is striking as you walk around.