Volunteering Opportunities

The Botanic Garden has recently started to run a volunteer programme.

Volunteers are helping us to eradicate a pernicious weed (Nothoscordum x borbonicum) at the Botanic Garden, are working with the horticultural staff and also supporting us by helping with various administrative tasks.

"Volunteering at the Botanic Garden is not only fun and rewarding but it gives me the opportunity to feel part of the team and to learn from the experts. It's also great knowing you're doing something to help and that all the vegetables that we've so lovingly grown go to people who really appreciate them." Ness Newman, who has been volunteering half a day a week, working on the vegetable beds with Jim Penny of the Gardens Team.

"As a way to support the Garden, I can't recommend volunteering highly enough and hope our experience will encourage others to become involved in a hands-on way too." Ruth Sutherland, weeder

"It was an enjoyable and relaxing experience, nice people to chat to and share garden stories with. Now I'm doing more volunteering. It's not like weeding at home, the surroundings make it worthwhile!" Isabelle Kandler, weeder


If you are interested in volunteering at the Garden please fill out an application form and return it to volunteers@obg.ox.ac.uk

Volunteer weeders

Are you interested in working with a team of like-minded volunteers? Want to help eradicate a noxious weed at the Botanic Garden?

We are looking for people to volunteer a morning a fortnight through the growing season to weed out Nothoscordum x borbonicum from the Botanic Garden. You will work in friendly teams of 5 or 6 for a morning a fortnight on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity come along to one of our open sessions on either Wednesday 6th February (10.30am to 12pm) or Thursday 7th Feburary (1.30pm to 3pm) to speak to the volunteer coordinator and the horticulture staff to find out more. Or email volunteers@obg.ox.ac.uk.