Useful Information for Primary School Visits

We believe that education and enjoyment is the key to promoting a love of the natural environment and in supporting and encouraging future generations of botanists and conservationists.

The Garden offers a range of programmes to enhance the Primary curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2, some of which can be adapted to suit topic work or different age ranges (e.g. Foundation stage).


Group size

School sessions are designed for a maximum of 35 children.  Bigger class sizes will need to book two visits and you may want to contact other venues so that groups can visit more than one location on the same day. For ideas of suitable venues relating to your topic please contact us.

Safety & Supervision

Children must be supervised at all times and we ask that schools adhere to current Oxfordshire Guidelines on adult to child ratios, ensuring that there is adequate support for children with specific needs.  

Lunch Space

The Garden has a Conservatory with space for a maximum of 35 children to have lunch. If you would like your class to have lunch at the Garden please book this space at the same time as booking your visit.  Lunch can be eaten outside if weather permits.

Waste Free Lunch Challenge

The challenge is to have lunch without creating any waste. Children are encouraged to bring a packed lunch that leaves nothing behind and – if anything is left - to recycle, compost and reuse as many items as possible back at school or at home.

Key Stage 1 & 2 Add an extra 45 minutes to your visit.

Available throughout the year when booking an education visit.

How to book

All activities are FREE. Places are limited for all of our school programmes and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. The sessions offered are designed to enhance the curriculum and provide an exciting way of learning about plants, their uses and their habitats. Sessions do not include a general tour of the Garden so please make sure you book extra time with us if you wish to explore the Garden afterwards. For booking or finding out more about any of our programmes please contact:

Leah Whitcher

Primary & Families Education Officer

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Rose Lane

Oxford, OX1 4AZ

Telephone 01865 286690