Research at the Botanic Garden

The Botanic Gardens collections are available to be used for research purposes. This includes:

Undergraduate projects

Biological Science undergraduates are welcome to consider projects based on plants and work relevant to the Botanic Garden.

Both Timothy Walker (Director) and Alison Foster (Senior Curator) can act as supervisor for these projects.

In past years undergraduate project topics have included:

  • Examination of Putative Euphorbia Species in the Botanic Gardens
  • Nothoscordum borbonicum in the Oxford Botanic Garden
  • Temporal patterns of freshwater algal diversity in ponds


Research Collaborations        

The Botanic Garden welcomes enquiries from researchers who wish to use the collections and/or the Garden in some way for research purposes.

Please contact Alison Foster (Senior Curator) with a completed Research form outlining your request.