Gemma Burditt - The Adventures of Richard Spruce

23 November

7pm - 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Rose Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AZ

Join us for a talk by Gemma Burditt about her new work The Adventures of Richard Spruce, a graphic novel which will use moving image.


"The Adventures of Richard Spruce is a highly innovative and evocative piece which tells a truly remarkable story about a little known botanical explorer Richard Spruce . This intrepid explorer made huge leaps in the botanical understanding
of the Amazon region collecting over 7000 new species and made a key contribution in cultivating the quinine bark in the Amazon which was the first antidote in the prevention and cure of malaria."

"The story outline loosely follows the life story of this incredible botanist from his early explorations in his own village to the expansive landscape of the Andes."

Tickets are £10.

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You can watch the trailer for her upcoming moving image graphic novel by clicking here.

Or read more about the project by visiting the website.