Autumn Science Lectures

Mon September 25th, 2017


Autumn Science Lectures

These lectures take place at 7.30pm in the Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Rose Lane, OX1 4AZ. £8 each, or £35 for the series of 5. A 10% discount is available for Friends of the Botanic Garden, and Alumni of the University of Oxford.

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Our lectures this year will explore the theme of Research and Conservation in Botanic Gardens.

2 October 2017: Building a global system for the conservation of all rare and threatened plant species: what can botanic gardens do to prevent plant species extinctions?

16 October 2017: Hybrid speciation in plants: insights from the Oxford ragwort

30 October 2017: A trick of the light? Evolution and floral diversity

13 November 2017: Genetics, conservation and plant diversity

27 November 2017: Bioquality hotspots in tropical Africa