International Fascination of Plants Day

Fri April 21st, 2017

International Fascination of Plants Day is a celebration of plants and plant sciences. This celebration of plants was first launched under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)  to encourage people around the world to celebrate the importance of plant sciences. Botanic gardens, research labs, schools, museums and farms will open their doors with plant-based activities for everyone, with a range of events in public spaces, theatres, cafes, central city squares and parks, to get everyone thinking about plants.


Plants are fascinating: from ornamental flowers to important crops which mankind needs to survive on this planet. We hope to plant many virtual and germinating seeds in the collective mind of the public that plant sciences are crucial to the social and environmental landscape we live in now and in the future. Oxford Botanic Garden will be taking part on Sunday May 21st. We are working with the Linnean Society in London and with Dr Charlotte Kirchhelle from the Department of Plant Sciences here in Oxford to deliver an interactive public engagement exhibition called Inside a Plant Cell, which will introduce the public to modern microscopy techniques used in cell biology. Come along to the Garden and be inspired by plants and plant sciences!


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