Looking Good Now - Wacky Shape and Bold Colour

Wed July 12th, 2017

Nothing shouts summer like a rampant Herbaceous Border. In the Botanic Garden ours is looking fabulous. And it’s not only the garden staff who are busy – bees and butterflies are thriving amongst our flowers. No matter what your favourite colour, you’ll find something to please your eye as you stroll in our Lower Garden.

Inside the Glasshouses it’s not only colour that grabs the eye. Spiky, furry, smooth and flowing; nature’s own art gallery has provided a beautiful lesson in line and angle.

Visit the Palm House for Tillandsia tectorum and Costus curvibracteatus (orange tulip ginger), the Insectivorous House for Drosera dichotoma (fork leaved sundew) and Sarracenia leucophylla (crimson pitcher plant), or the Lily House for Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant), Acalypha hispida, (chenille plant), and Crinum mauritianum.