Looking Good Now – Borders and pots, and the best shady spots!

Tue June 20th, 2017

Summer is in full swing, and we are enjoying the sunlight bathing the many beautiful borders at the Botanic Garden. The Herbaceous border and Merton border are really standing out with their increasing height and the vivid colours of flowers against their luscious green.

Our decorative pots in the walled are being changed for the summer season, and are now sporting the architectural Aeonium arboreum "Swartzkopf" – hot work in with our current good weather, but well worth the effort! Pots are also in use in the Conservatory where we have a fabulous display of hydrangea and fuchsia.

Never has our Arid House felt so much like a desert than it has these last few days! Get a feel for the extreme conditions these plants thrive in with a nose around the weird and wonderful plants in our Arid House!  

Or, if all this heat and the hurly-burly of town gets too much, find a shady spot at the Botanic Garden. The Bog Garden enjoys cool shadow, and it’s easy to hide away behind the towering leaves of the Gunnera manicata. Also shady are our new woodland paths in the walled garden. Here you can walk between the trees, and enjoy the dappled sunlight on the last of our foxgloves.