Looking Good Now – Autumn Colours and Glasshouse Wonders

Tue September 26th, 2017

In the Walled Garden and Lower Garden we are currently enjoying the beginning of the autumn colour in our trees, as well as the bright and shining berries many of them are laden with. The local squirrels are busy frantically collecting and storing food for the winter ahead. Many of the beds and borders are still full of flowers, and the longer shadows are casting the whole Garden in a magical light.

The Glasshouses are full of exciting oddities to fascinate our visitors. Our Victoria cruziana giant waterlily is currently flowering in the Lily House, so catch her while you can! Meanwhile in the Conservatory you can marvel at Citrus medica or ‘Buddha’s Hand’, the fruit of which takes on a bizarrely anatomical shape! Also in the Conservatory is our Flavours of the Exotic display, featuring black Vampire chilies, a developing pineapple, and drooping tomato vines.