Looking good now.... July in the sun!

The sun is here to stay for July, and the Garden is alive with colour.

Our Vegetable Bed is looking very tasty, with various crops growing in perfectly regimented lines.  Looking particularly good are the brightly coloured swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’, and rows of juicy lettuces in green and deep purple.


The Merton Border in the Lower Garden has come alive.  The whole border was sown as seed, and has been waiting to erupt into a riot of colourful flowers, much to the delight of the local bee population.  The border is seen here through the steely blue stems of an Eryngium


Located on the Autumn Border of the Lower Garden adjacent to Christ Church meadows are our unmissable golden Eschscholzia californica.  These florescent flowers light up in the hot July sun.



Providing some much appreciated shade is the Garden’s tallest tree.  This huge gothic evergreen is a black pine (Pinus nigra).  As well as dropping many pine cones at the moment, its shade is perfect for a picnic: sit underneath and find out why it was Tolkien’s favourite tree!


If you can stand the heat pop into our Glasshouses.  The Lily House has come alive with a fantastic display from the Cyperus papyrus and giant leaves of Victoria cruziana which measure over a metre in diameter!