Looking good now.... The Iris collection

The bearded iris collection at the Botanic Garden are in full bloom now!

Bearded iris are a common sight in gardens at this time of year producing a rainbow of colour in borders.

They have a special floral structure with 3 outer petals (the falls) that are bearded (hence the name), and 3 inner petals – (the standards) which are usually erect. There are three stamens (free at the base of the falls) and 3 petal like style branches which cover the stamen. Just above the anther on the outer side of the style is a little flap whose upper surface is the stigma.

The plants have stiff sword like leaves shooting from rhizomes that grow on the surface (and need the warmth of the sun) and should not be mulched.


These types of Iris have a variable number of chromosomes with 2n from 24 to 64 (approximately), varying with increasing plant size.

These iris are best propagated by division after flowering from midsummer to early autumn.