Super Sunflowers, Under 5s event

Tue, 23/09/2014 - 10:30am - 12:30pm
Botanic Garden

We had a wonderful morning at our Under 5s event, Super Sunflowers. The sun was shining and families took advantage of the good weather to spend time at the garden. We also welcomed RSPB who joined in the fun.

Families had loads they could. A very popular activity was making a mini sunflower garden from bun cases and real sunflower seeds. Children got to plant bulbs in pots to take home and also got to pick out sunflower seeds from a dried flower head to plant next spring.

There were a variety of sunflowers to look at and handle. We had little ones and large ones and the colours ranged from yellow to burnt orange to maroon. Children used crafts sticks, cupcake paper liners, and dried sunflower seeds to make their own sunflower garden to take home. The RSPB spent the morning making nectar feeders for butterflies and bees with families.

About half way through the event we had storytelling. There were four garden-related stories for the families to listen to.

The session culminated in a walk around the garden with the children and their watering cans. The children got to see a variety of flowers in bloom in September and shared their watering cans so everybody got a chance to water the plants.

Thank you our lovely volunteers without whom this day wouldn’t have been possible!


What you told us:

“Really enjoyable experience and time out with my son. Lots of fun and creative ideas in a superb garden.”

“Beautifully pitched activities, and stories for my twin 3-year-olds. Watering was especially enjoyable.”

“A real treat for my son. He loved the activities. Thank you!”

“Marvelous! Fab having all the different activities. Great range. All well done. More please!!”

“I loved the watering cans and the stories.”

“A well planned activity filled morning.”

“We had a lovely time especially making a shaker and listening to stories! Thank you!”“Fun liked the seeds and stories great.”

Some pictures of the event: