Meet the Families

Sat, 15/06/2013 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Botanic Garden


This family friendly event was developed to introduce the idea of plant classification and plant families.
Visitors were able to participate in the following activities, which were designed to give a flavour of how similar plants are grouped together, and how classification is a useful tool.
  • Meet the Families Trail:  This trail was aimed at children aged 7 years and older.  Visitors were encouraged to hunt down the clues hidden around the garden, to help them find out which plants share the same family, and so are closely related to each other. 
  • Flower Sorting:  In this activity visitors were given seven small flowers, and were asked to divide them into two groups according to a particular characteristic of their choice.  For example they could choose flower size, colour, the number of petals or the shape of the petals.  They were then asked to further divide each group using another characteristic.  The sub-divisions of each group continued until each flower was in a group by itself.  The participants then had the opportunity to discuss why they had selected each characteristic, and to consider why grouping plants might be useful.
  • Mini Greenhouses:  Using cardboard (which had been cut into the shape of a house), sandwich bags, wet paper towels we created mini greenhouses for our bean seeds.  These greenhouses could then be attached to a window to catch lots of light to encourage the bean seedlings to grow after they had germinated.
  • Seedy Bracelets:  The edges of foam strips were cut into interesting curvy shapes, to form to base of the bracelet.  Sticky foam squares were placed at intervals along the length of the strip, and a variety of colourful bean and pea seeds were attached.




Feedback from participants

  • Full of activities!
  • Well enjoyed!



If you were not able to make it to this event, don’t worry!  We have a range of resources for you to download:
  • Download the "Meet the Families" trail here.
  • Download the instruction sheet for making mini greenhouses here.
  • Download the instruction sheet for making seedy bracelets here.
  • Download an information sheet with ideas for futher family learning here.
  • Download a copy of the Meet the Families event report here.