Happy Habitats!

Wed, 29/05/2013 - 11:00am - 1:00pm
Botanic Garden


This family friendly event was developed to help celebrate World Environment Day (5th June 2013), and centred its theme on the relationships between plants and animals.
The activities were designed to give visitors a flavour of how animals live and feed in nature.  These were as follows:
  • Pop-up Puppets:  Using fabric, plant pots, pea sticks and a few other bits and pieces, visitors were able to create bees and ladybirds popping out of flowers, and frogs jumping out of bromeliads.
  • Pine Cone Bird Feeders:  This was a simple, fun and messy activity where visitors got stuck right in, using their hands to mix together vegetable fat and bird seed before pushing it into a pine cone attached to a piece of string.  These are really effective bird feeders, which visitors were encouraged to take home and hang in their gardens at home to attract birds.
  • Mini Meadows:  This was a planting activity where visitors were able to make their own recycled pots using strips of newspaper, jam jars and masking tape.  They then filled the newspaper pots with soil and planted wildflower seeds collected from the meadow at Harcourt Arboretum.  A care label was provided giving watering and planting instructions, so the visitors could take them home and watch their mini meadows grow! 
  • Look Up Look Down Trail:  This trail was aimed at the under fives, encouraging them to spot animals who live in the trees, on the ground, and in the water (e.g. birds, woodlice and fish respectively).  There were also bird-spotting sheets produced especially for this event, featuring 24 birds commonly found at the Botanic Garden.
  • Glasshouse News:  Newspaper headline-style articles were placed in each of the glasshouses, highlighting strange and interesting facts about selected animal-plant relationships, including woodpeckers that live in cacti, and frogs that live in pitcher plants.











Feedback from participants
  • :) Once again.  Thank you to you all. Fantastic crafts and fun activities outside.  Perfect time.  Thank you!
  • Really great event!  Thank you, my little boy learnt so much.  That's what it's all about.
  • We had a great time - Thank you for organising such fantastic activities!  Julia, Hannah and Isabella
  • Super fun activities for the children.  Quick and easy even for little ones and things to take home to remember the day.  Thank you so much!
  • Mummy: "Did you like this?"  Laurie: "Yes I did, I loved it"  Mummy loves crafts that are organised for us - Thank you to you and your lovely staff!



If you were not able to make it to this event, don’t worry!  We have a range of resources for you to download:
  • Download the instruction sheet for making pine cone bird feeders here.
  • Download the instruction sheet for making recycled newspaper pots here.
  • Download the "Looking Up Looking Down" trail here.
  • Download a copy of the bird-spotting sheet here.
  • Download an information sheet with ideas for futher family learning here.
  • Download a copy of the Happy Habitats! event report here.