Get Ready for Gardening! Under 5s event

Thu, 15/05/2014 - 10:30am - 12:30pm
Botanic Garden


We had a lovely morning with our Under 5s audience, having a go at a range of gardening activities:


What you said:

Thank you for a lovely morning.  We liked filling the pots with soil and colouring the labels.

Sunny day, good group of children playing happily.  Isabel 17 months planted a nasturtium seed!

Our peas from the last session have all germinated and are looking forward to growing with a pumpkin over the summer.  I especially liked the sprouting seed activity as it has potential for age-differentiated activities and I plan to crib it!  The children loved digging, planting and watering.  Fab Peter Rabbit story for 3 year olds.

Thank you!  We enjoyed ourselves very much.

I liked watering, Tegan 2 1/2


This was a UN International Day of Families celebration.