Get Growing!

Wed, 16/04/2014 - 11:00am - 1:00pm
Botanic Garden
We celebrated National Gardening Week with a family friendly event to encourage even the youngest of family menbers to get growing. We made plant pots out of recycled newspaper strips, easy to do back at home and then planted seeds for flowers and food. Everyone loves the challenge of growing a huge sunflower but we also love pretty cosmos flowers, they germinate easily and keep on flowering right through the summer, especially if you have a chance to dead-head them. We also planted pea seeds for those who like to eat their plants. Newspaper pots are cheap, easy to make and can be planted straight into the ground once the seedlings are established.
As Easter was just around the corner we also found a use for all our old plastic plant pots. We turned them into colourful Easter baskets with the help of some crepe paper and a generaous amount of glue and sticky tape.
Younger visitors followed our "Busy Bee" trail around the Lower Garden doing all the things that bees love to do; looking for colourful flowers, visiting smelly plants, seeing what was growing on the veg beds and sitting under an apple tree full of blossom.
We were joined by our friends from the RSPB who always have lots of great ideas of how to attract wildlife into your gardens. This week they were making cardboard and straw bug homes and nectar feeders for butterflies.
To find out more about national Gardening Week and to get loads of ideas for your own gardens visit their website.
Here are a few of our favourite photos of the event.
Plant labels don't have to be boring. Colourful seeds for summer.
Make a newspaper plant pot. Fill it with soil before sowing your seeds.
Easter baskets... everywhere!
The weather was great and it was a good excuse to have a picnic.


RSPB stand and examples of benefitial bug homes.

Nectar feeders for butterflies. Just soak the cotton wool with sugar solution or mashed banana.

What you said about the event:

"Brilliant, Staff and volunteers very helpful!"

"I liked planting. Thank you to all the fantastic helpers."

"It was very good and I enjoyed it. I really liked making the basket making." Isobel

"It's really fun and the kids love it, going around the Garden and smelling the plants..."

"I liked making a newspaper pot and finding the bee tubes. I would come again." Jeremy, 4

"I liked the flowers." Jack, 3

"I liked the seeds". Henry, 6

"It was good because it was good!" Lucy, 9

"I like it because you have to find bees."

"Fantastic because it has loads of colours."

"I loved all of it." Anastasia, 6