Alice's Day Picnic Afternoon 2013

Sat, 06/07/2013 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Botanic Garden

This picnic afternoon tied in with on Oxford wide celebration of Alice's Day, co-ordinated by the Story Museum and celebrated the famous Alice stories penned by Lewis Carroll.

The activities were themed around Alice and photography to tie in with the 'Alice in the Garden' photographic exhibition.

  • Make a sun print. This was a simple photographic process that produced magical results using the power of the sun. Families collected petals and leaves that had fallen on the ground. they arranged this on a piece of light sensitive paper which was then exposed to the sun. The image was 'developed' and 'fixed' in water and then dried whilst families created beautiful frames in which to display their image.
  • Crazy veg. Families had the opportunity to make their own recycled newspaper pots before planting seeds for stripy beetroot or purple peas!
  • White Rabbit trail. Oh dear, the white rabbit lost all of his belongings whislst tumbling down the rabbit hole. Families were asked to explore the Lower Garden looking for his waistcoat, handkerchief and pocket watch.



  • Rand Russell storyteller told a collection of tales about 'falling down the wrong hole...'
  • Watlington Concert Band had us all nodding our heads, tapping our feet and bobbing along to a sunny selection of tunes throughout the afternoon. Many thanks to the whole band!



It was a great afternoon seeing everyone relax in the Garden. Here are a few of our favourite shots:




Download instructions to make your own newspaper pots here

Find out how to make your own sun prints here and where to buy sun print paper

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