Alice's Day Picnic Afternoon

Sat, 05/07/2014 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Botanic Garden



This is the first of our "Roots, Flowers and Fruits" picnic afternoons. Part of Oxford's Alice'd Day 2014 organised by the Story Museum. All activities will be root-associated, to tie in with this year's "Underground" Alice's Day theme.

Bring your picnic to the Garden and enjoy live music from Abbey Brass, guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your toes tapping. Listen to stories with local children's autor Zoe Greaves. Have your face painted like a carrot or a turnip (or maybe something more beautiful...). Taste test some roots - what is our visitor's favourite flavour? Enjoy refreshments, teas, coffees, yummy things and ice-creams with Tasty Morsels and G & D's ice-cream.


Roots can be tasty - Sow and grow some scrummy roots form seed, such as carrots, stripy beetroots and peppery radishes.

Roots can be controlled - Learn how roots grow and take home a root to grow through its own root maze.

Roots can be colourfulMake a piece of funky tie dye with our root colour dyes.

Roots can be random! - Take our root trail and find out how roots grow in the air, how they can act as stilts and how they can help plants hitch-hike.



Drop-in session.  All activities are FREE with entry to the Garden.