Curating the Collections

What makes a Botanic Garden different from a park? An internationally agreed definition is that "Botanic gardens are institutions holding documented collections of living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, display and education." We document our collection so that we know where our plants have come from, where they are growing, why we are growing them and how well they grow. We record all this information in a plant records database.

The Plant Records Database

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum uses BRAHMS (Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System) to maintain the data associated with its living collection. If you have any queries about our living collection please contact Director, Professor Simon Hiscock. Our plant records database will be accessible online soon.


Find out more about the conifer collection at the Botanic Garden on this website dedicated to this group of plants growing at the Botanic Garden.