Art exhibitions at the Botanic Garden

Throughout the year the Botanic Gardens hosts innovative and exciting exhibitions by artists who have been inspired by the Garden. There is a dedicated exhibition room but depending on the nature of the exhibition, the work may not be confined to this room. More details are available by downloading our artists and artworks policy here.


Artist in Residence


From September 2013 through till April 2015, the Botanic Garden is delighted that Patrice Moor will be our artist in residence. Patrice has just completed a one year residency at the Royal College of Physicians. Her work there focused on their medicinal garden, and the resulting paintings will be exhibited at the RCP from 11th November to 24th December.
Patrice has already started her work as artist in residence at our gardens in Oxford.

Patrice will be exhibiting the work produced during her residency in March and April 2015 at the Gallery at the Botanic Garden.  

To find out more about Patrice please visit her website.


Current Exhibition

The next exhibition will run from Saturday 7th March 2015. Please see Forthcoming Exhibition information below.


Forthcoming Exhibition

Nature Morte

The next exhibition 'Nature Morte' by Patrice Moor will run from Saturday 7th March until Monday 4th May 2015. The exhibition will feature new works created by Patrice during her residency at the Garden. The underlying subjects of Moor's work are life, death and decay. This is reflected in the works exhibited. The subject matter of the paintings highlights the diversity and fragility of living things as well as the transience of plants and their lifecycles.

The Botanic Garden has made a short film in which Patrice describes her work and talks about her residency at the Oxford Botanic Garden.

Previous Exhibitions